We Bake...We Jam

  "It is what it is"


How it began...


We Bake… We Jam is a long time coming for Durham duo Jeffrey and Claudia Hill. 

As a former baker, Claudia knows the best ingredients and secrets to a perfect baked good.

Jeff, a chef at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT has cooked all his life. 

Both are  graduates of Johnson & Whales University and have worked

in numerous food environments - including Wesleyan University where the two met! For a moment’s time, the Hills catered weddings, parties and more.

Jeff’s sauces and jellies have won numerous top ribbons at the Durham Fair

His products now sell at Bon Appetit’s dining halls at Wesleyan University, at The Colors of the Wind and at JC Farms and Greenhouses, both local municipalities in Durham. H

opefully, they’ll be stocking your shelves next.

If you have any questions, about canning 

or purchasing our products, give us a ring or send us an E-mail! 

Otherwise, take a look around the site, enjoy and spread the love!